Some of our clients leave testimonials on this page. Feel free to post your own as well.
Judy Davidovics
I am the lilac dress and hat you made today, Judy.  You are a treasure and I am so grateful for your skill and reliablity and artistry. Have a healthy and wonderful summer.  Judy
Alla Kreer
Laura is the most talented, creative, and energetic person I have ever met. She has a keen sense of style and an extraordinary team of highly skilled seamstresses. Laura's place is a magic place where any garment can be transformed into something fabulous. Once a customer, always a customer and a friend.
Betty Harris
I was told to go to Laura's Place when I needed to change appearance of my dress I was a little nervous because the dress was old and because I like it. However, from the very beginning I was impressed by Laura's approach to me need. From being extremely friendly to showing skills and experience Laura did exceed my expectations. I was simply impressed. Going forward I'll recommend Laura as a primary garment service woman to all my friends. Thank you, Laura!
Diana Ialamova
I have been using Laura's Place for all of my alterations for years... Laura is a professional, understands current fashion, and does a remarkable job with alterations. I had a complicated dress with shoulders that needed to be taken in and she did it so well, I was amazed. In fact, Laura is an inseparable part of all the formal events I attend - all of my evening gowns have her "magic touch". The facility is welcoming, prices are reasonable, and regardless of the value of your precious garment, the quality of work is always exceptional. I'll definitely keep coming back here for future alterations... Thank you, Laura!
Idy Perlstein
My family and I have been using Laura as our seamstress for many years. Her professionalism and expertise are above all. Whether its sewing something from scratch, mending clothing, or designing something, we all know we can count on her and her other workers. Her calm manner in which she takes care of all the customers makes it a pleasure using her. I would recommend Laura... no job is too big or small, cause she's really the best seamstress in town!!
Ivana Ku4ukova
My name is Ivana and I recently used company "Laura's Place"'s services and could not be any happier with my experience. My needs were satisfied with an excellent and professional service. I will gladly recommend Laura's Plase to all of my friends and definitely use this greate company services again. Thank you all this ladies, wich working in Laura's Place !!!
Luisa Moreno
Very friendly and service is prompt and professional. Laura is always very helpful and very friendly. Laura has tailored several dresses for me, one which was a size 8 and needed to be taken in to a size 2, the job was done meticulous. Every alteration/tailoring is always done on time and I never have to worry about misaligned hem or anything for that matter. Laura does an incredible job with any tailoring I wouldn't trust anyone else with my clothes. I am always satisfied with the service and I highly recommend this to anyone.
Rachel Roth
I've had the pleasure and honor 2 know Laura for over a decade. Other than the fact that she's an unbelievable seamstress, who excels in everything she does, she also became a dear friend of mine. The patience and the warmth that she gives 2 every customer is beyond belief. Everyone that stands in front of her, while she takes measurements, thinks that she's their best friend or like a family member. I, for one, am a perfectionist, so ALL my clothes need to be seen and touched by her, b4 I could wear it. Its hereditary, cuz my moms the same way. We visit laura on a weekly basis. I can't live without her! Anything that I've ever purchased, whether its big or small, wide or narrow. Whether the sleeves need work, the neckline is not right, the bodice doesn't lay right, whatever the job may be, she knows how 2 make u look as if the designer sewed the dress only 4 u-custom made. Never nervous, never angry, never tired, always with a good word. Maybe I'm the wrong person 2 ask, cuz 2 me she's a dear friend and I love her very much. Rachel Roth (flower)
Angela Tiplitsky
I have been one of Laura's customers for over ten years and can tell you that she does marvelous work of the highest quality. She has created new dresses and has also done numerous alterations to my wardrobe and has never disappointed. She has very reasonable prices and provides individual customer attention that has allowed her to keep a loyal customer base for a very long time.