Alteration, garment repair...

Have you bought a dress or gown that does not fit you just right? Are you as comfortable and happy with your business suit or blouse as you can be? Is there anything in your wardrobe that’s not quite perfect?

Our shop is where alteration are done right - whether it is a simple and quick adjustment or an adjustment requiring a skillful and professional attention to the style of dress and every detail of it. Restyling of your garment is yet another of our specialties that makes so many of our customers leaving our doors happy, satisfied, and coming back time after time.

Our experience and skills handling delicate silk, chiffon, leather and fur makes our alternation service and garment repair a business leader in New York. Our reasonable prices and quality raise us above the row of ordinal alternation shops. There is no client’s request we would not be able to satisfy. Express your own opinion, make suggestions, and show your interest in details – we will listen and collaborate with you. We will make sure the dress we have worked on is exactly what you wished it to be.

Call or visit us, bring your garment and share your experience with those of other happy customers.

"I've had the pleasure and honor 2 know Laura for over a decade. Other than the fact that she's an unbelievable seamstress, who excels in everything she does, she also became..."